Stage One

Upon receiving a complaint a consideration will be made by either a senior member of the company or the company’s nominated complaints officer. Your complaint to us will be acknowledged within 7 working days by either email, telephone or in writing. We recommend all complaints to either be in writing or email. Following that we aim to resolve, or if that is not possible an update on progress within a further 28 days.

We will try and resolve the complaint. If you are happy with the outcome the matter will be concluded at that point with a conformational email or in writing. If in the instance we are unable to come to a mutual understanding, you will be able to take the complaint to the Property Ombudsman, which we are regulated by.

Company complaints representative: Harvinder Sogi

Stage Two

In order to progress your complaint with The Property Ombudsman, you must satisfy the following criteria:

– You remain unhappy with our final viewpoint letter/email.
– Eight weeks have passed by since you first complained and the issue still remains unsolved.

In the very unlikely event of this happening, you can get into contact with The Property Ombudsman at:

Milford House
43 – 55 Milford Street

Telephone: 01722 333306